WRK/LDN: Office Revolution?

The NLA (New London Architecture) recently published a report providing a snapshot of London’s current response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the capital’s workspaces and their urban context and how offices will need to adapt in the long term.

We were delighted to see one of our projects, 33 Creechurch Lane feature in the report. This project was designed and thought out before our day-to-day lives became unrecognisable, but is more relevant today than it was before. The forward-thinking design offers SMEs the opportunity to establish a home in The City of London’s historic centre with Covid-resilient workspace that enables their expansion and contraction over time.

Sustainability and wellbeing are at the forefront of the design; a new pocket park benefits the wider community, cycle facilities are celebrated and expressed through the building’s elevation, green walls extend up 19 storeys with external terraces at every level, and the uppermost floors are dedicated to shared amenity space to promote healthy lifestyles.

You can download the full NLA report by clicking here.