The Alternative Real Estate & Property Technology Summit

This month Merchant Land attended The Alternative Real Estate & Property Technology Summit. The purpose of the summit was to bring together the whole property technology ecosystem – property and real estate consultancies, estate managers, developers, landlords, landowners and investment companies.

Set over two days, the summit covered a range of topics, from the current state of technology in the property market, to construction, legal, and financial services. It became clear that we are seeing some exciting innovations driven by improvements in digital technologies and the utilisation of big data.

Key themes included:

• The current state of proptech – the name given to technological innovations that are developed for and implemented within the property industry
• The growing role of data – why it is becoming so important and how the sector can leverage this to gain competitive advantage and how to make use of big data
• Underpinning this was the importance of understanding how we can best utilise the built environment, to make it a positive and productive environment for owners and tenants, both in commercial and residential settings. This is an area we will continue to develop as we move forward.

Merchant Land welcomed the opportunity to hear from leaders and experts in the field of property technology and further develop our understanding of how new technologies are transforming the real estate and property sector.

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