Planning application for
33 Creechurch Lane now live

Merchant Land are pleased to announce that the planning application for 33 Creechurch Lane is now live and can be found on the City of London’s planning database here.

In consultation with planning officers, local stakeholders, and the community, we have made a number of changes which include:

• Scale and Massing – updated the proposed height to reduce the profile of the scheme in the context of local and strategic views
• Design – refined approach to the detailed façade design to enhance the appearance of the building
• Historic Context – the architectural update includes an alternative response to the immediate heritage context of the site along Heneage Lane, including increased solidity of façade and introduction of a rich façade detail that respect the discrete character of Heneage Lane
• Greening – an enhanced green wall feature, including ground floor greening to increase the scheme’s contribution to the public realm.

We remain committed to engaging with local stakeholders and the community throughout this period.

You can find further detail on the scheme here.

If you would like further information, please contact Four Communications at