Merchant Land steps up to Net Zero challenge

We are delighted to have recently published our ‘Interim Statement of Sustainable Practices’ which sets out our pathway to targeting net zero which will be expanded upon in our full sustainability policy which we will launch later this year.

We are initiating a planning phase to establish a deliverable but aspirational plan to eventually become a Net Zero Carbon Company. The careful consideration of appropriate target deadlines and pathways will form a critical part of this planning phase.

Being an SME landlord, investor and developer we embrace our responsibilities to deliver decarbonisation and climate change led policies and practice across our business. However, we are keen to make sure the strategies and commitments we adopt are both deliverable and achievable as well as impactful.

As with SME businesses across other sectors, there are also unique challenges and opportunities in terms of small teams of people within a small privately owned business embracing Net Zero. In some instances nimble and faster decision making will give us an advantage over larger organisations. However researching, navigating and delivering our own strategy and programme will also depend on a small team rather than a dedicated Sustainability officer or executive.

Click here to read our Interim Statement and if you have any queries or to learn more please email us at