Merchant Land responds to the Draft City Plan 2036 Consultation

Merchant Land welcomed the opportunity to respond to the City of London’s consultation on the Draft City Plan 2036.

The plan sets out what type of development the City Corporation expects to take place and where. It sets out the City Corporation’s vision, strategy and objectives for planning up to 2036, together with policies that will guide future decisions on planning applications. Once adopted, the new Plan will replace the current City of London Local Plan adopted in January 2015.

In our response which we sent to the City Corporation, we welcomed the City’s initiative to publish the City Plan 2036 (March 2021) and its continued support of high quality, appropriately scaled, office-led development particularly within the City Cluster.

We were pleased to read of the support for new flexible floor space designed to accommodate the needs of SMEs, innovative and start-up companies under draft Policies S4, and OF1 which will help meet the forecasted employment growth and to attract and retain a range of occupiers.

We also welcomed the continued support of significant growth in office floor space within the City Cluster under draft Policy S21. Identified as the area within the City that is most suitable for tall buildings, the continue development of this area will be key to the City meeting its need for 2,000,000 sqm of office floor space over the plan period to 2036.

You can read the full Draft City Plan 2036 by clicking on the following link Local Plan review: Draft City Plan 2036 – City of London