Merchant Land Representations to City Plan 2036 Consultation

As land owners and developers in the City of London Merchant Land recently made representations to the Department of the Built Environment as part of the City Plan 2036 Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation. This was an opportunity for the company to lobby its views on the on going successful operation of the City and its commercial function. Merchant Lands representations submitted via Quod covered the delivery of tall buildings, the role of the Eastern cluster, the provision of high quality office space suitable for small and medium enterprises within the City of London and the company’s strong preference for allowing the market to determine the appropriate format for office provision.

Development Director Katherine McCullough commented “In fascinating times politically, we are keen to make our own small contribution to lobbying for measures to allow the City to retain its competitive edge in attracting a range of businesses and maintaining its role on the global stage. Recent events domestically and globally have reminded us that even as a niche or boutique investor and developer we have a responsibility to contribute to debate and dialogue which will hopefully assist in influencing how the City of London creates policies which can allow the market to respond to shifting trends and needs going forward.”

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