Merchant Land joins the Culture & Marketing Steering Group

In June, Hamida from Merchant Land was pleased to be part of the Aldgate Connect BID Culture and Marketing Steering Group. The purpose of the group is to bring together representatives from the Aldgate Connect BID levy members and other key stakeholders to collectively support the initiatives of the BID and the ways we invest in the local community.

Hamida has grown up and is still a resident of Tower Hamlets and is excited to be part of a platform that aims to bring about a more welcoming and culturally significant area for all including business, residents and visitors to the area.

“Tower Hamlets, particularly the Aldgate area is always changing but still holds on to its historical and cultural aspects that make the area so vibrant and memorable. It’s a microcosm of everything Tower Hamlets embodies. The area has so much untapped potential which can be appreciated by all with the right marketing initiatives appreciating all that makes Aldgate what it is.”

The progressive key agenda was discussed in a zoom call with all those involved in the group which aims to push for a stronger, welcoming, appealing and more protected area through promoting sustained, inclusive and supporting equality of opportunities for SMEs and local people.