The proposed development for
Windmill Lane


An award-winning design team has been assembled that reflects Merchant Land’s commitment to work with the London Borough of Hounslow and the local community to deliver new homes in Brentford that integrate well with the surrounding neighbourhood and provide an excellent standard of living for residents.


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Summary of proposals

  • A mix of homes for Londoners
  • High-quality residential accommodation that integrates with the diverse surrounding context which includes the Windmill Road Character Area to the East and then the urban skyline of the M4 and UWE buildings to the West. The mid-rise nature of the new Windmill Lane blocks provide a visual stepping stone
  • Private amenity space provided to all flats at over 30% above the national minimum standards
  • Communal amenity spaces proposed which are 20% above LB Hounslow’s policy requirement
  • Landscaping – a modern-day take on abundant cottage gardens that includes pathways, trees, raised planters, stone benches to ensure the generous amenity provision also reaches a high standard of quality for all users to enjoy

History of the site

The site has a surprising history, given its modern-day industrial use with an MOT Centre and turbo engine repair shop, that the team have enjoyed learning about as we’ve taken the design forward. The 1896 map below shows the site being occupied by a Nursery with small greenhouse structures laid out. Historical records show the cultivation of trees, and in particular fruit trees, which we’ve paid homage to in the proposed landscaping.

Fast-forwarding to the 1960s, the creation of the M4 corridor which linked London to the West had a huge impact on the area.

The Design – Embracing the future


Following extensive discussions, over a two-year period, with the LB of Hounslow officers, a local design review panel and communication with local neighbours, the design has been revised to a proposal of just 2 blocks. This new arrangement allows for a larger central courtyard and plenty of space to offer limited parking to ensure no additional pressure is placed on the parking in local streets following concerns emphasised by local residents. The design process of ‘Windmill Lane’ has resulted in a proposal that will consist of many fantastic features for future residents. These include:

  • All apartments meet or exceed the nationally described space standards to provide flexible homes suitable for comfortable living and home working when required
  • Oversized private amenity space to all units which includes either a balcony, a back garden or a roof terrace
  • A modern-day take on the English cottage garden has been proposed that includes pathways, trees, raised planters, stone benches along with 20% above policy communal amenity space with distinct zones for relaxation, production gardening, play and socialising outdoors accessible by all residents of all tenures
  • Cycle storage that will exceed the minimum standards as well as be integrated into the building for the safety and comfort of future residents
  • A practical approach to sustainable transport with the creation of a ‘healthy street’, which embraces and encourages cycling, walking and car sharing whilst also providing some limited parking spaces for those residents who need them to ensure no external pressures on the nearby roads



Since 2018 we have been consulting statutory bodies, key stakeholders and the local community throughout the pre-application stages of the project. This included a public exhibition which we held in November 2018. Since then we have continued to engage with neighbours who have expressed interest in discussing the proposals as they evolve and (virtual) meetings are ongoing as we refine our designs and look to move to submission.

Journey through the site

At a wider community level we have recently sent out letters to 1,526 neighbouring properties giving further information of our updated plans and offering further telephone or virtual meetings to parties who wish this. LB Hounslow’s own statutory consultation process is anticipated later in 2020.

Further information

If you have any questions on the proposals please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can:

Call us on 020 7522 8745

Email us at

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