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Introducing 33 Creechurch Lane
City of London

  • High quality and flexible space designed uniquely for SMEs
  • Helping attract a new diverse range of occupiers to The City of London
  • Upgrades to the public realm, include the provision of anew pocket park and space to accommodate the existing cycle route
  • A café/retail unit contributing to the local street life
  • Designed for well-being; with generous outdoor space and a stunning green wall

SME office space in the heart of the City


The UK is the world’s largest exporter of financial services, and the City of London is its nerve centre. There is a growing need to supply high quality office accommodation that specifically meets the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across all sectors as a platform for the City’s future growth.

Our ambition at 33 Creechurch Lane is to do just that – create world class office space designed for multi sector SMEs in the heart of London’s financial district. Included in this is the recognition of how essential it is to respond positively to the local context, contribute to public realm, and tap into the City of London’s agenda and priorities over the coming decades.

Our design includes office spaces that will be high quality, flexible, unique, and include a high level of technology provision. This will be enhanced by an outward looking façade, the inclusion of living walls, and in improvements to the immediate public surrounds. The overall design has been crafted to blend in with the existing skyline. These elements combined will address the needs and expectations of a new building able to contribute positively to the City’s future.


Responding to the Past


The open spaces of Mitre Square and Creechurch Lane can be traced back to the open court and cloister of Holy Trinity Priory. The historic maps show that while the configuration has shifted over time, the two open spaces have been maintained.

More generally, while the City of London has largely retained its medieval street layout, the growth of the financial sector, coupled with revisions in planning laws, changed its architecture and transformed the skyline.

Much of the City was transformed during the 1980s and 1990s. This was largely driven by growing demand for office space.

Central to how the City looks today are buildings which have been designed to respond sensitively to the historic context while also enhancing the London skyline. This means being fully cognisant of the protected views of the White Tower from City Hall and Tower Bridge.


Embracing the future


Underpinning the design of 33 Creechurch Lane is the knowledge that while two-thirds of City employees work for large companies, over 98% of these businesses are SMEs. The demand continues for office space to meet their needs.

This is a real opportunity to design a game changing building for SMEs which will include active frontages and a vibrant public area. During these unprecedented times, the redevelopment of 33 Creechurch Lane will allow us to respond to the office market needs by providing world class flexible office space with small and efficient floorplates that will be suitable for a number of occupiers.




We have been consulting statutory bodies, key stakeholders and the local community throughout the pre-application stages of the Creechurch project. The latest round of consultation for the scheme can be found by visiting


The Design

The design process of 33 Creechurch Lane has resulted in a building with many fantastic features for tenants and the public. These include:

  • The ground floor reception is proposed as a generous, glazed, double height space to welcome visitors.
  • A café/retail unit at ground floor will help animate the western edge of Creechurch place
  • A rich and attractive façade that respects the character of Heneage Lane
  • The typical floor plan has been designed to be open, flexible space that could be broken down into more secluded areas
  • The slender form of the building and high quality glass facade make a positive contribution to the local architecture context
  • High proportion of glazing proposed will provide excellent natural lighting levels on the office floor plates and afford views across London
  • Each floor will have an external private terrace garden providing a breakout space for office tenants
  • Array of greening features including an enhanced green wall feature to contribute to the public realm. There is also the provision for a new pocket park and space to accommodate the existing cycle route.



Further information

CLICK HERE to view the planning application for 33 Creechurch Lane.

For more information please email or call 0800 130 3270

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