Cyber Security – SMEs and protecting your business

In March, the London Chamber of Commerce held a Webinar on cyber security and how SMEs can protect their business.

As an SME, the idea of being vulnerable in the cyber world is unnerving. However, there are tools and information out there that can help ease nerves and allow businesses to strengthen their data.

Mark Stamford, Chief Executive Officer of OccamSec explained how different industries can get targeted more, simply due to their field of work. If you specialise in oil or gas, such industries tend to be targeted more than retail companies.

Mark emphasises the difficulty of SMEs protecting all facets of their business, but some tips he has for SMEs, particularly those with a limited budget are that SMEs should protect their most important data. This is usually intellectual data and clientele data.

Another simple thing SMEs can do is be diligent on ‘Patching’. Patching is a preventative measure necessary to keep machines up-to-date and safe from malware and other threats. This can be done by updating your computer and phone as soon as you get a notification to do so.

There are many affordable and usually cost-free things SMEs can do to ensure and the National Cyber Security Centre has guidance on how to improve your cyber security.
This guide can be on the following link

Hamida Begum
Team Assistant, Merchant Land