Creating High Quality Homes for the future

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted a planning application for 74 residential units at 114 Windmill Road.

Merchant Land purchased the site in 2017 and has since developed proposals that will deliver high quality homes for future residents in Brentford. We have worked closely with the London Borough of Hounslow through various pre-apps and a design review panel in order to ensure that the forthcoming proposals reflect the boroughs needs. We have also engaged with various stakeholders including neighbours adjacent to the site to ensure that the proposals will cause minimal impact.

There are a range of features which we have introduced to embrace modern living, health and wellbeing and flexible accommodation. These include:

• Most homes will have ample sunlight and the rooms will be naturally ventilated
• Dedicated home study areas provided in all flats and the larger units are adaptable for nurseries/home offices
• Larger flat sizes that exceed the National Described Space Standards. 100% of the units meet the minimum space standards, while 84% exceed the policy requirement
• Private amenity areas that exceed the minimum standards. 100% exceed the policy requirement
• High quality communal amenity areas that are attractive, inviting, multi functional and exceed the policy requirement by additional 11%
• Energy efficiency measures include: good fabric insulation, high quality glazing and high efficiency heat recovery units
• 58% carbon reduction achieved. No gas boilers – 100% air source heat pumps
• Healthy, active, shared and sustainable transport strategy developed which achieves a 91% score on the Healthy Streets score card
• On site car club provision for future residents along with cycle storage that exceeds the minimum standards
• The buildings have been designed with the aim of optimising intelligent connectivity through careful selection of building materials, to provide smart homes for the future

For more information please visit this link.
Alternatively, see London Borough of Hounslow’s planning portal here.

Below is a snapshot of the journey through the site.