Working with the community

As a company involved in construction and regeneration we are acutely aware of the impact our work can have on people, communities and the environment. Our aim is to always do the right thing, whether that is in the selection of site, improving the landscape or considering the impact of a development on existing infrastructure.

In our selection of commercial tenants we consider what they add to the neighbourhood. We insist that our consultants and contractors consult local people from the outset via newsletters and dedicated websites. At the planning stage we carefully consider the design and look of the building. Health and safety is of paramount importance and we take all measures to minimise disruption.

At the Charlotte Street site we were able to devise a way to build without a crane which has relieved local traffic pressures. We were able to do this by using our own highly experienced construction managers, rather than relying on third parties. At Seymour Place we completed construction three months ahead of schedule as we were managing site logistics ourselves using dedicated staff.

We also try to go beyond industry good practise by helping the communities where we work. We have helped with fundraising for cancer research; and offer low rents to start-up retail tenants. We also carried out building works free of charge near our developments, including at Holborn Community Mosque, the Rwandan High Commission. Our builders improved entrances to St Mary’s primary school in Marylebone where we also organised a children’s art competition, displaying the winning entries at our site.


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Working with residents

The owner of the flat in the middle of our Charlotte St project had been there since the 1980s and was keen to continue living there. As the landlords we wished to redevelop the wider site and worked with the owner to ensure that the redevelopment was a positive experience. To date the owner of the flat feels happy, fully informed and consulted.

Supporting community groups

Holborn Community Mosque. Ahead of construction at The Grays, we came to the mosque to ensure we knew their prayer schedule and avoided heavy construction work and noise during these and other important times. We established a good relationship and participated in their “visit my Mosque Day” and helping with some improvement works.

Collaborating with SMEs

Black Sheep Coffee took pop-up space with us at Charlotte Street at a low rent whilst we carried on with the design work. A vibrant and rapidly expanding start up based on ‘community coffee shop’ ideals, this was a great experience for everyone involved.