Charlotte Street Festive Hoarding

As demolition gets underway at Charlotte St, Merchant Land took the opportunity to brighten up the hoarding with a festive twist to tie in with the Charlotte St Christmas lights that were positioned in trees adjacent to the site and to contribute to the local business and resident led festive initiatives.

Development Director Katherine McCullough said, “This was a pleasure to do and at the opposite end of the spectrum from property marketing. We adorned the external hoarding with snow flakes to mirror the globe style Christmas lights hanging in the trees and then inside the protected pedestrian walk way we did a wintry forrest scene. The only objective was to raise a smile from passers by whilst the project is at its noisiest and dirtiest phase and to try and say thank you to our immediate neighbours whose patience to date is much appreciated by brightening up the look of the site.”

Work at the Charlotte St project is due to finish in December 2017.