Becoming a responsible business – Heart of the City

Last week, Heart of the City held a webinar on tips for SMEs to transition into a more responsible and sustainable business.

As the world has more needs and a duty to be responsible to the earth, SMEs have just as much of a responsibility as big businesses to ensure impacts on people and the environment are positive.

Laura McCullough, Membership Manager of Heart of the City, discusses how motivation for becoming more responsible is down to companies being looked into on their commitment to net-zero, as well as doing the right thing. There are simple and complex ways of changing for the better but Laura mentions that having a ‘Plan your Carbon journey’ goal in place helps guide positive conduct, whether it be taking small steps in changing office equipment & needs or bigger steps, such as switching to responsible suppliers.

Having a sustainable and considerate approach as an SME has many benefits. Laura lists out workplace pride and engagement benefitting from this, as well as winning and retaining business. There are internal and external wins in being more accountable and once plans are put in place, SMEs can put forward a positive change.