Aldgate Connect BID Public Realm Strategy and Vision unveiled

In April, Aldgate Connect unveiled the Public Realm Strategy and Vision to locals, businesses, developers and stakeholders at the new BT headquarters in Aldgate.

This strategy draws together existing projects and regeneration schemes and layers new improvements to knit the area together enhancing heritage aspects.

Aldgate is an area heavily diverse and rich in culture and business and the Public Realm Strategy seeks to improve the quality and accessibility to spaces that make Aldgate the vibrant and historically important area that it is.

Katherine McCullough, Co-Chair of the BID’s Public Realm Group tells us why she loves the area and is involved in the BID from an SME perspective.

“Public Realm is really important because it helps stitch together a really diverse and interesting location lime Aldgate where we have a whole range of different occupiers whether they be big or local businesses and local residents of all different ages and different socio-economic backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds. We’ve also got beautiful and perhaps a little hidden heritage assets and green spaces that are also beautiful but not necessarily well known about.”

You can watch the full video of what Katherine and others part of the Public Realm strategy have to say on this link and the Aldgate Connect BID Youtube channel.

Hamida Begum
Property Assistant